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Worcester RFC 100 Club

The 100 Club was founded many years ago to help fund any areas of unexpected expenditure within WRFC.

Each member contributes £50 per year or £4.33 per month payable by standing order.

We have a draw every three months with £3000 of cash prizes to be won during the year split 52@£25, 12@£50,2@£250 and a rollover jackpot of £50 per month.

To thank each of our members and a guest we also hold two great parties each year.

We have made many donations to all sections of WRFC for nearly fifty years and these recently have included car park repairs, a video tower, a defibrillator, helping fund rugby tours, commemorative shirts and tournament fees.

Our 100 Club Application Form is included with this post. Thank you for your interest.We hope to hear from you shortly

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Dick Cumming,WRFC 100 Club Chairman

Worcester RFC 100 Club—What’s it all about?

Plus our latest winners

Self isolation has given me the opportunity to catch up with many tasks. This is my latest catch up publicize the 100 Club and as a result to try and add to the membership.

The introduction above is for our face book and website members and unlocks the mysteries of the 100 Club. The bank mandate, once completed, allows new members to join us. We hope that you will be one of those.

Click here to download the membership form

This push for new members coincided with our three monthly draw and so it our pleasure to list the winners.

£25 Winners—4 Paul Duffy,6 Adrian Heffernan,15 Jon Wootten,17 Alan Williams,22 S Barkley,33 David Hallmark,35 Allen Powell,66 Rob Hurcomb,104 Bernie Warburton,122 Steve Ward,149 Martyn Newman,153 Peter Bourbage and 155 Ben Neale,

£50 Winners—44 Jenny Archer,59 Chris Gore and 80 Angela Graham

The Rollover Jackpot of £1250 was won in December but not won in this draw and so now stands at £200

All cheques will be sent out in the near future as soon as I can find a two metre long pen to get them countersigned.

Keep Safe Folks.

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