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Who needs to register with Worcester RFC on GMS?

  • All members
    • Life Members
    • Patrons
    • Senior Players
    • MJ Players
  • Parents of MJ Players
  • Coaches
  • First aiders
  • All Volunteers

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Quick Steps to Getting Set up on GMS

Partron Members

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Senior Players

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MJ Player

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What is GMS?

GMS or Game Management System is an online platform developed by the RFU to help manage grassroots rugby in England. It is fully GDPR compliant and is provided by the RFU free of charge.

We currently use GMS for membership and affiliation of senior and junior players, entering fixtures, performing safeguarding checks (DBS) and our website is hosted through GMS. GMS forms the clubs Official Register of members.

The benefits of administering membership through GMS are:

  • Single source of contact information, improving communications with members
  • GDPR compliant. Secure repository of members personal information.
  • Members own, have visibility and are in control of their personal data, leading to an improvement in data quality.
  • Large reduction in volunteer time spent processing membership fees. Freeing volunteer time to focus on rugby activities.
  • Reduction in admin errors. Membership payments automatically matched to the correct member.
  • Increased visibility of who was affiliated and who had paid.
  • Increase cash security and reduction in cash payments.
  • Leading to an increase in subscriptions collected.
  • Our Website is hosted by the RFU and linked to GMS.
  • Enabling weekly News Summary to be securely delivered via GMS.

For further information on GMS is available from the RFU information pages


  • Why don’t receive I emails from GMS?
  • Why do I have to have a unique email address?
  • How do I reset my Password/Problem Logging In
  • I Have multiple accounts, which account should I reset?
    • You have multiple accounts because in the past you have had multiple GMS records which have been merged. Use the account with most memorable name. All your information has been combined into one account, you do not need the additional accounts.
  • Why have I been charged double monthly membership fee?
    • If you join a monthly subscription n the last 10 days of a month the first direct debit will be for the current month and the following month. There is not sufficient time to set up the direct debit for the 1st of the next month.

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