1. Membership is available by application directly through the GMS via the WRFC web site. Please click here.
  2. Applicants must set up a GMS account and direct debit for the relevant class of membership. This is the application process. 
  3. By setting up a GMS account, applicants are agreeing to adhere by the Club Rules.
  4. The Honorary Membership Secretary will be notified by GMS of the application.
  5. Applications will be reviewed the Honorary Membership Secretary and/or delegated Officers of the Club. Applicants may be requested to provide and proposer and seconder.
  6. Successful applicants will be notified via email by the Honorary Membership Secretary or appointed representatives.
  7. Once membership is approved the membership card will be available for collection from the clubhouse bar
  8. If membership is refused the applicant will be informed and any fees paid returned via GMS. If an applicant is aggrieved by a decision, they may appeal in writing to the Chairman who will refer the matter to a section of senior members of the club to review. The decision of that group is final is final.
  9. The aim is to complete the membership process usually within 14 days.
  10. Continued membership is dependent on the payment of the correct subscription. Annual subscriptions must be paid by no later than 30 September each year unless by prior agreement with the Honorary Membership Secretary. If the fee is not paid membership will initially be suspended.  If payment is not received by 31 December membership will be terminated without further notice.
  11. Playing Members may elect to pay the subscription by 12 equal monthly instalments payable by direct debit. Membership takes effect from the date of the first payment is taken.
  12. WRFC will make every effort to remind members that their fees are overdue but responsibility for the timely payment of the subscription fee rests with the member.
  13. After seeing sufficient evidence of the university course or services posting. The players Team Manager will request that the Honorary Membership Secretary apply University Player Membership to the players Membership record for the duration of the course.
  14. University Player Membership can be terminated without notice, if for example the player leaves university and returns home.
  15. All Members must keep their GMS records up to date.
  16. Any member wishing to resign should inform the Honorary Membership Secretary as soon as possible. No refunds will be given.
  17. Any former member who wishes to re-join the Club within two years of their membership ending may re-join immediately with the agreement of the Honorary Membership Secretary. Membership approval is subject to setting up a GMS account and completing the direct debit.
  18. New players or players returning after a break from the club must obtain the prior agreement of the Director of Rugby (DOR) before participating in training or games.
  19. New and returning players who wish to train and play for WRFC have, after the 1 August, a grace period of 4 weeks before they are required to join the club as a playing member. This may be extended for a further period of 2 weeks at the DOR’s discretion. Where a player has not joined as a playing member by the end of the grace period or fails to pay in full the monthly subscription fee they will be deemed as no longer being a member and regarded as unavailable for training or selection.
  20. The DOR may at his/her discretion invite visiting or guest players to train and play in competitive matches without the need to join the club as a playing member or pay a subscription or match fee. Circumstances might include a player on loan or a player needed to help bridge an injury crisis. Visiting or guest players will normally be limited to three competitive games per season. 
  21. Selection as a registered player or for a specific team is solely at the discretion of the DOR, who will consult with coaches, team managers and any other relevant party.
  22. All players, except for visiting or guest players must be fully paid up members of Worcester RFC. Players who are not up to date with membership payments will be deemed unavailable for selection or training.