Thanks to all those that came to the Party on Saturday and to Andy Cross for the super food. The winners in the draw were as follows:-

£25 Prize Winners—No 4 Paul Duffy, No 14 Ian Stanton, No 20 Connie Blower, No 28 Ian Vanes, No 30 Mary Hollett, No 36 Tony Lippett, No 56 Yolande Walker, No 65 Dr L Holtom, No 69 Steve Baldwin, No 71 Roy Saunders, No 93 R Gillett, No 98 Erica Norton, No 100 S Fosh, No 101 Keith Graham, No 102 Alan Danks, No 112 Sue Patey and No 127 T Seymour

£50 Prize Winners---No 55 Richard Underwood, No 60 Trevor Smith, No 91 Ian Redfern and No 100 S Fosh

The £250 Prize Winner was No 119 Clare Helm

What is WRFC 100 Club?

The WRFC 100 Club is a draw to raise funds to cover areas of unbudgeted expenditure within WRFC. Should you wish to consider joining Application Forms may be found in the Club House to the right of the bar.

We hold two Parties each year. They are free to members .The next one is already arranged for Saturday 21st December when we go to see the Jamie Knight Big Band Christmas Special at the Huntingdon Hall.

Have you booked your ticket? Just email me—rcumming45@btinternet.com

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